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Conheça 30 provérbios que os australiano usam com frequência

Quando você começa a se habituar com o inglês aussie alguém sempre solta alguma frase que não faz o menor sentido, mas todo australiano entende. Para você não se perder entre os provérbios, BRaustralia fez um “dicionário” com os ditados populares mais bizarros da Austrália:

1.  Few stubbies short of a slab
(a bit simple)

2. Barkin up the wrong tree
(making a mistake)

3. Time to hit the frog and Toad
(time to leave)

4. A bit rough round the edges
(a bit hard)

5. Between you, me, and the gatepost
(telling a secret)

6. Copin an earful
(getting yelled at)

7. Built like a brick shithouse
(strong person)

8. Carrying on like a pork chop
(over reacting)

9. Drinkin on me Pat Malone
(drinking on my own)

10. Does a bear shit in the woods
(of course)

11. Don’t fret your freckle
(don’t worry)

12. Drain the main vein
(go to the toilet wee)

13. Fair suck of the sav
(be real)

14. Feeling a bit peckish
(felling hungry)

15. Give er a bell
(just try it)

16. Give us a durry mate
(give me a cigarette)

17. Go home to the ball and chain
(go home to the wife)

18. He’s tinny
(He’s lucky)

19. I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire
(I don’t like him/ I would never help him)

20. It’s a rip snorter
(really good)

21. Mad as a cut snake

22. No wuckin furries
(no worries)

23. Pass the dead horse
(pass the tomato sauce / pass the catchup)

24. Porky pies
(telling lies)

25. Pull ya head in
(be smart about it/ stop being crazy)

26. Pull your finger out
(stop being lazy/start working)

27. Wadda ya recken
(what to you think)

28. What do ya do for a crust mate?
(what is your job?)

29. Ya bloody galah
(you silly person)

30. You’ve got buckleys mate
(no chance)

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  1. Acho que voces devem conferir melhor esse ditados pois varios estao incorretos

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