Online shopping in Australia

How to Shop Online in Australia and Receive in Bolivia 

If you are one of those who think that shopping abroad is too complicated or that you don't have time to spare for it, then you need to read this text, because we are going to demystify these ideas.

Find out how to redirect your online purchases in Australia can reach you in Bolivia in a totally secure way - and the best part is that it only takes a few clicks!

How to know if it is worth buying abroad or better to make my purchase in Bolivia

First of all! To know if it is really worth buying that much desired product abroad and enjoy the advantages of the Order ForwardingThe most important thing is to research the price of the product in Bolivia with the value charged for the same item (new or used) in Australia.

To do this we suggest you always use the price listed on the brand's official website or search for approximate values on trusted marketplaces such as eBay.

TIP: Always search for overseas purchase prices on the brand's official website or on trusted marketplaces such as eBay.

4 advantages of using parcel forwarding for Australian purchases


I am sure you have been horrified by the price of some item on websites in Bolivia. The good news is that shopping online in Australia can save you money, as prices are much lower there. This is because of the low taxes and the great diversity of brands and products available in the country.

Exclusive products

Variety, novelty, quality. These are some advantages of importing products from abroad. In online shops in Australia, it is possible to find international trends that have not yet arrived in Bolivia at affordable prices!

100% Safe has been providing parcel forwarding services for 6 years and has already served over 5,000 customers. The company also offers 100% secure storage for your purchases. In addition, you receive tracking number and notifications for tracking orders.

Customer Service and Assistance in your Purchases

When you decide to ship directly to Bolivia, without assistance, you will not have a qualified team to answer your questions. However, when you choose our parcel forwarding service, you will have a team of experts to support you. This will make all the difference in your shopping experience!


How to shop in Australia in 6 steps

We know you have no time to lose. Life is very busy nowadays, so we need practicality. With that in mind, we have prepared the step-by-step below:

1) Register on the platform

This step takes only a few minutes! First, to register, click here and fill in the form with your name, surname, e-mail address and click "Register".

After a few minutes, you will receive a welcome email with a link to create a password for your account on our platform.

2) Check your Australian delivery address

Once the password has been created, access to the "My Account" space will be released. Within your space on the platform, you will find a delivery address in Australia. That is your Australian address. That is where the purchases you make on Australian sites will be sent, as if you lived in the land of kangaroos!

3) Shop at your preferred Australian retailer

Go to the website where you wish to make your purchases in Australia.

Don't know where to shop? Then check here the best online shopping sites in Australia and get to know the most amazing places to buy electronics, clothes, toys...

You will probably need to create an account on your chosen site. Once you have created your account, it's time to browse through the endless product options and choose the best ones for you or your business.

When visiting the Australian websites, please note that most of the sellers do not ship to Bolivia. However, the good news is that with your Australian address and support, you can purchase ANY product!

Before making your purchases in Australia, remember to read the product description carefully and confirm that it is really what you need. Check the material with which it is made, the model name, the brand name... Another tip is to choose a qualified seller, with good reviews. Paying special attention to this is important to avoid unforeseen problems with your purchases abroad!

Finished choosing the products? Proceed with the purchase. When the shop asks for your address, you must enter the Australian delivery address mentioned in step 2. Now, finish the checkout process!

And if you prefer to have even more convenience, you can also request the Assisted Purchase service, just send the list of products and request a quote

4) Wait for the parcel to be delivered to your Australian address

Once your goods have been received at the delivery address in Australia, you will receive an email. Rest assured: your purchases will be securely stored! 

From there, you can choose whether you already want to send the package to Bolivia or if you prefer to request extra storage. Opting for more days of storage is an interesting option for those who wait for the arrival of more purchases in the Australian address. Thus, after receiving all, you will pay a single freight to Bolivia. It is worth noting that the larger the volume of your suite, the lower the value of the freight.

After payment of the shipping costs, your purchases will be sent to your address in Bolivia. 

And once your order is shipped, you can request the tracking code and monitor the step by step of your order, from origin to final destination. Super practical and perfect for the anxious on duty. 😉

6) Done!

It's over! Importing products was simpler than it seemed, right? You will receive your goods within the stipulated period, all you need to do now is wait for the delivery at home in Bolivia!