How to buy imported goods on eBay from abroad and receive them at home in 7 easy steps

Want to buy on eBay from abroad, but the seller doesn't offer delivery to your country? In this article, we will teach you how to receive in your country easily, economically and safely!

Whether it's to import products you don't have access to where you live, to save money or even to resell in your trade, buying them through the largest auction site on the internet is reliable.

Did you know that the Australian market offers low taxes and a wide range of cost-effective brands? Australia is an excellent destination for shopping abroad.

eBay is very popular in this country and shipping within the territory is mostly free.

Therefore, continue reading this text and learn more about how to buy on eBay finding several options of products without unnecessary expenses and still receiving your order at your doorstep!

7 easy steps to buy on eBay from Australia and receive at home

Now, learn how to make your purchases from the Australian eBay website via Order Redirection and have your address in Australia for free shipping and then receive your much-awaited products at home via the Order Redirection service.

Braustralia allows consumers around the world to save time and money. 

That's why we've made the step-by-step below to make your experience easier when shopping on eBay by choosing to redirect your purchases securely and having access to items that have not yet arrived in your country, for example.

1. Search for (and find) the product you want on eBay

Opening an account on eBay Australia is easy too, just click 'Register' and fill in a form with your details on that auction site.

Now you can search through the infinite items the site has, ranging from fashion accessories, footwear, cosmetics to household goods, technology and toys.

Order your product for shipping to Australia. Then, start shopping after you have created your account and keep an eye on whether sellers are well rated, their ranking, products sold and experience.

Reading the reviews of each seller who has your item of interest is also important to avoid falling for scams on the site.

By the way, do you know how eBay actually works and what your buying options are? See below in step three.

2. Receive exclusive address in Australia

Get started by completing your register free and receive your unique address for shipping eBay purchases to Australia.

You will receive a welcome email with a link to generate your password.

Then log in to our platform, create your password and start enjoying our free plan with your overseas shopping address.

In other words, do your shopping in Australia, ensure 100% secure storage and then request parcel redirection. But, calm down, we'll explain in detail how to do this.

Importing products has never been easier, check the platform for your delivery address in Australia and proceed to step two to buy on eBay.

3. Choose your purchase option 

Buying products on eBay is buying from an online buying and selling website with two options:

Take part in auctions

This option to buy on eBay is ideal for those who like to bargain. The advertiser places a lot on the site with a minimum price and stipulates an end date for bidding.

Thus, the user who has the best bid takes the product home. 

Buy now

This is the method used to buy in shops, you pay for the specified amount.

Click on "Buy it Now" and finalise your overseas purchases.

Some sellers use both options, offering a mix of fixed price with the right to bargain for their product.

In other words, choose the option to import products that most resembles your profile and goal. For example, if you are a reseller, try to purchase items with prices well below the market at an auction.

4. Complete the purchase by entering your Australian shopping address

Finalise your shopping in Australia after finding everything you were looking for.

Then, tell eBay what your BRaustralia address is.

Now, orders go to our warehouse, where we will store your products from 30 to 180 days, depending on the plan you choose on the platform.

The depot is located just 10 minutes from one of Australia's financial centres and less than 30 minutes from Melbourne International Airport.

Thus, our location is strategic so that the buyer saves and has access to brands and quality products with much more ease, besides we value total security throughout the process.

5. Wait for delivery to the address in Australia

We will send you an SMS and e-mail letting you know that we have received your order.

Then wait for all the information of your purchase contained in your BRaustralia suite and rest assured about the storage.

We only request delivery and subsequent order redirection once you confirm. In the meantime, overseas purchases are stored at your Australian address, with 24 hour support to answer any questions you may have.

In other words, the process is totally secure because you monitor your Australian purchases from origin to final destination.

In addition to saving by importing products, have convenience and security by buying in Australian eBay, have your address also Australian and request shipping to your home within a period of up to 180 days (seeBRaustralia plans available).

6. Request order redirection

Request consolidation of your order to optimise the space in the box with your products and reduce the cost of freight.

Afterwards, ask for your items to be shipped upon payment of this freight and they will proceed to your address, final destination.

The storage, consolidation and space optimisation of the suite by BRaustralia reduces the cost of sending parcels to your country by up to 80%.

Make the most of our platform by becoming a frequent buyer who saves and gets value for money by choosing our plans according to your needs.

However, it is already possible to have several advantages just by registering for free and receiving your shopping address in Australia.

See how using the BRaustralia platform is advantageous and simple. 

7. Receive your purchases at home!

Once your order has been shipped, you can request the tracking number and monitor step by step until the shipment arrives at your doorstep.

There you have saved money, acquired international trends at affordable prices and finalised your purchase in a safe way.

Therefore, our system is easy to use and in a few weeks you have the so desired imported products or for resale arriving at your address and with much lower costs.

Even items you've had your eye on for a while and previously had no way of buying because eBay sellers don't deliver to your home, can now be shipped to your Australian shopping address.

Therefore, we have proven that importing products is much simpler than it seemed before reading this post.

Why is it advantageous to make purchases abroad and receive them in your country?

Marketplaces for overseas shopping are extremely competitive for their wide variety of products available online.

As a differential, opting to purchase items in Australia presents even more advantages for importing products as it is close to industrial regions in Asia.

The country is a consumer paradise for its low taxes and duties, making it a great experience to shop in Australia, even more so with a parcel forwarding service.


  • the possibility of receiving products at home that would not be sent by the sellers directly to your country;
  • the consolidation of orders to reduce the cost of freight to its final destination;
  • 100% secure storage up to 180 days of your purchases and tracking throughout the whole process.

So, buying on eBay and requesting shipping to your unique overseas address is the most practical, cost-effective and secure way to receive that product you've been longing for or resell the imported products to your consumers.

Opt for the best parcel forwarding service

Shopping abroad and buying on eBay in a super affordable and practical way is possible with the experience provided by the innovative online platform.

Search for your desire products and ship them to the Australian territory, then request parcel redirection with our service and have international trends at your residence within weeks!