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Know the most profitable products to buy abroad and resell

Discover the most profitable products for resale in your country and increase your profit by buying abroad!

If buying from national companies on the internet already causes some fear, imagine shopping abroad. But it doesn't have to be that way! This type of transaction, in the vast majority of cases, is safe and presents numerous advantages for both merchants and end consumers.

Shopping in Australia has many advantages for wholesalers, retailers and consumers in general, who can purchase products from various sectors and you can also save on transport costs by storing everything in Australia! 

The proximity to dozens of industrial centres in Asia, and the production site of most of the products we consume in our daily lives, makes Australia an ideal destination, with an excellent cost-benefit ratio for shopping abroad.

Advantages of Shopping Abroad?

There is a long list of advantages of importing products from abroad and performing Order Redirection with the help of BRaustralia's services.

- Possibility of acquiring international trends at affordable prices: The items that are fashionable or in great demand worldwide arrive in your country a little later than in other countries, but you can anticipate this by importing products for resale or for your own consumption;

- Possibility of buying in shops in countries that do not deliver directly to your country;

- Assisted purchase: BRaustralia buys the products you want and we send them to their final destination;

- We optimise the space in your suite and consolidate your purchases with the aim of reducing the cost of freight;

- Portuguese speaking customer service. Our team of specialists is available to answer any questions you may have about overseas purchases, parcel redirection and the whole process until the safe delivery of your cargo to its final destination;

- Subscription to PLUS or PREMIUM Membership Plans : This option is especially advantageous for those who intend to use the logistics services frequently;

- Possibility of hiring Prepaid Credits: No need to worry about exchange rate fluctuations when importing products. By purchasing credits on our site, you can use them at any time - because they have no expiry date - both for assisted purchases abroad and for freight orders;

Whew, tired, huh?! Well, the list of advantages is huge and there are no doubts about the benefits of shopping abroad.

But then another question arises: what is possible to buy? We'll help you with that too. We have prepared a list of the best products that you can import!

Which products to import from Australia to your country?

Importing products is an opportunity to purchase cheaper and good quality products for your trade or use in your own home. There are many reliable websites for shopping in Australia. Some examples are eBay, Amazon and ASOS.

To make sure you're getting genuine Australian products, you can check the list of companies that sell items with the Australian Made, Australian Grown seal, which follow a series of criteria to earn this classification.

Mobile phones

The best mobile phones available in the local market cost a lot of money. That is why it is common to purchase these devices in other countries.

Australia is the country with the most advantages for buying mobile phones. A major item of desire is the iPhone. New and unlocked models are easily found with prices up to 60% cheaper than in your country.


Branded clothing and other garments

Importing products such as T-shirts, trousers and jackets of famous brands (Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.) for resale in your country is very advantageous, especially if you opt for order redirection.

These items are highly sought after in the domestic market and can bring a large percentage of profit. But it is necessary to pay attention to the measurements.

One opportunity is to buy garments from China, a major player in the textile market due to the successive tariff reductions since 2015 and the free trade agreements signed during that period. Other Asian countries, such as Bangladesh, India and Indonesia, also offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio for transactions in the sector.

Electronics and technology

Computers, notebooks, video games, memory cards, headphones. All this attracts great interest from the national consumer and yields good profits on resale, besides presenting great quality.

With security being a major concern, another opportunity when importing products is to buy surveillance cameras, sensors and other protective equipment for use inside and outside the home.

Kitchenware and household items

Pans and other kitchen items need to be of good quality, especially as they are handled every day. Cookware that is expensive in your home country, such as KitchenAid and Le Creuset, can be bought for much less in Australia and New Zealand.

Decoration, bed, table and bath articles also present attractive prices and are an opportunity to earn large profits when reselling.

Toys, Lego, Funkos and collectibles

Novelties in this sector usually arrive in Australia months earlier than at home. Therefore, it is very advantageous to buy toys and collectable items in other countries. 

For example, the popular new Funko from "The Mandalorian" series costs AU$20.

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Beauty products

Skin care products are popular in any season and need to be purchased frequently. Eyelashes, brushes, eyeshadow and blush palettes are other items that attract the attention of customers and have attractive cost X benefit, besides the investment required being low, you can find products for less than AU$5 in Australia.

See how shopping abroad is easy, safe and cheap? Then use the logistical support of BRaustralia and take advantage of this opportunity!

Sporting Goods

Purchase the best sporting goods in the market in a cost-effective way and increase your profit margin, with sporting goods.
The land of kangaroos presents advantages for the purchase of fitness items with up to 70% discount compared to the prices charged in your country.

For more information on where to buy sporting goods visit the 99Bikes, Rebel, Decathlon shops.

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*(Exchange rate on the date of publication of the article)

If you would like more information on importing goods from Australia, Assisted Purchase or Redirect Ordering in Australia, please complete the form below and our expert team will be in touch to make your buying process much easier, safer and more cost effective!


How can BRaustralia make your shopping abroad easier?

To import products you just need to have access to a credit card enabled for international use or make the payment via Paypal. 

When the time comes to register a destination for the shipment of the products purchased, if you have contracted our services you can enter an address exclusively for you in Australia.

Assistance abroad in 6 easy steps!

  1. Register on our platform
  2. Order overseas and have it shipped to your Australian shipping address
  3. We receive your orders at our warehouse - located 10 minutes from one of Australia's financial centres and less than 30 minutes from the international airport in Melbourne.
  4. We will notify you of the receipt of your order via SMS and send you an e-mail, as well as send you photos and important information about the weight and arrival conditions of your products.
  5. We keep everything in storage until you decide to send it to its final destination. You can also accumulate a large volume of items between 30 and 180 days (depending on the type of Plan) and save up to 80% on freight costs.
  6. After the payment of the freight, within 24 hours we send your products to your address. If you wish, we can send you the tracking code to monitor the path of your shipment.

We do all this to help you make advantageous purchases for your business or your consumption in an easier, safer and more economical way!

So that you can assess whether these logistics are worth it, we have made available on our site a Foreign Shopping simulator. The tool considers various factors such as the place of purchase and the type of transport and calculates the costs you will have.

How to know if it is worth buying abroad or better to make my purchase in your country

First of all! To know if it's really worth buying that much desired product abroad and take advantage of the Order ForwardingThe most important thing is to research the price of the product in your country with the value charged for the same item (new or used) in Australia.

To do this we suggest you always use the price listed on the brand's official website or search for approximate values on trusted marketplaces such as eBay.

If, after converting the price of the product abroad to reals, the value of the purchase abroad is less than half of the price in your country, YES it is worth making your purchase abroad!

TIP: Always search for overseas purchase prices on the brand's official website or on trusted marketplaces such as eBay.

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