Terms and Conditions of Service

By using BRaustralia.com or the Braustralia app you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions ("Terms of Service").

BRaustralia.com ("We") reserve the right to change the Terms of Service from time to time without prior notice. Any new features that augment or enhance the current Service, including the release of new tools and resources, will be posted in the Terms of Service. Continuing to use the Service after any changes shall constitute consent to such changes.

Violation of any of the terms below will result in the termination of your account.

Account TermsYou must be 18 years or older to use the Service. You must be a human. Accounts registered by "robots" or other automated methods are not permitted.You must provide your full legal name, a valid email address, and any other information requested to complete the account creation process.You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and password. BRaustralia.com cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by your failure to ensure this security obligation. One person or legal entity may not maintain more than one account.You may not use the Service for any type of illegal or unauthorized purpose. You may not, in the use of this Service, violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws). Although we provide translations of content on our sites and Services for your convenience, where there are conflicts, the English text shall be the definitive text.


You must register using your real name, address, email address and phone number. We will not use this information for any purpose other than to provide you with shipping services. Your information will never be sold to any other party. If we have reason to believe that any information provided is untrue or incorrect, we reserve the right to close your account or limit your access to your account until the discrepancy is corrected. We may occasionally send informational emails regarding our service. You can opt out of receiving these emails through the settings in your account.

Payments / Price

All payments must be made in US$ (US Dollars). You must make payments using only payment methods owned by you. You may not make payments using third party accounts. We reserve the right to close your account or limit access to your account until this discrepancy is corrected. You may make payments to us at any time. Any payment will be added to your balance when it is received by us. Wire transfers are subject to a fee of $10 per transfer received and you will receive an additional 3% bonus on the amount transferred. All service charges will be applied to your account when the service is performed by us. We will collect payment for all shipping costs, plus any outstanding service fees at the time you request your items to be shipped. Your items cannot be shipped until your account has a positive or zero balance.Service fees for properly executed services are not refunded except at our discretion. We reserve the right to change prices of any services provided by us without prior notice. If your balance exceeds $10, you may request a refund only on the original method of payment. Accounts with a balance less than $10 cannot be refunded, but the balance can be used for future services in your BRaustralia Suite as your credits do not expire. Promotional credits have no real monetary value and cannot be refunded. Please note that a US$20 fee applies for refunds made via bank transfer.


Once registration is complete, you will receive a shipping address including a unique ID number beginning with the letters BR +(number). You must use the full address, including your BR number, when requesting any purchase to be shipped to our warehouse. Our services and obligations begin when your item is physically delivered to our warehouse at the address specified on your account. We are not responsible for items not delivered to our warehouse, no matter the reason.Our services are limited to the storage, handling and shipping of your items. All items in your Closet are solely your property and the condition of such items is your sole, exclusive responsibility. Any problems reported in the condition of your item upon delivery to our warehouse is solely between you and the seller of your items. It may be impossible to ship some items, because they are too large, using our traditional shipping methods. You are responsible for ensuring that items delivered to our warehouse are not outside the maximum weight and dimensions that we can carry. If an item received cannot be shipped using one of our traditional methods, you will be solely responsible for any additional charge or penalty charged for the shipment. At your request, we may return your items to the seller within Australia. In any case, you are responsible for all shipping costs associated with returning the order. Any request for RMA documents or pre-paid return labels may be required from us, by you, to be used on the return of your order. Your account will be billed a fee of $3 for each order we ship on your behalf. Once your items have been received by our warehouse, they are insured for their full value. If items are lost or damaged in our warehouse, you must complete a claim form. We will request proof of the value of the item. We agree to provide reasonable measures to keep items secure within our warehouse, including 24 hour security monitoring and electric fencing. Our warehouse has no temperature control and may be subject to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. We agree to store the items of customers with a free account, free of charge, for the period of up to 365 calendar days for Premium membership, 90 for Basic Membership and 15 for FREE Membership. After this period, your account will be charged a storage fee of US3 per day. Orders will be considered abandoned if they are not shipped within 90 days of the expiration of the free storage period. Abandoned orders will be discarded and cannot be retrieved. Packaged orders not shipped within 7 calendar days will be charged a storage fee of $3 per day. After 30 days, such order will be considered abandoned. Abandoned orders will be discarded and cannot be retrieved. For security reasons our warehouse is not open to the public. To leave packages in our warehouse it is necessary to make a visit request. Please contact info@BRaustralia.com for more information.

We do not accept packages from people who have not previously made a visit request. We do not allow pick-ups of packages in our warehouse.

Shipping Conditions

BRaustralia.com uses the Australian standard of measurement. Although we offer from time to time, the equivalent measurement in convenient metric measure, the standard used in all calculations. We will prepare your items for shipment as soon as requested by you. Our standard packaging service includes adequate shipping box, void fill as appropriate, and tamper proof security tape. Packaging options for additional security, such as bubble wrap or film wrap, are available at extra cost. These options will be presented to you for selection at the time the packaging is required. Any fees for the extra packaging options will be charged to your account at the time they are ready. These fees are non-refundable once charged.

After receiving your order, we will pack your requested items. When this is done, final measurements of your order, weight and dimensions, will be presented to you in the accessible shipping methods.You may cancel the packaging order after submitting it. If the packaging is executed prior to your cancellation request, your account will be billed a fee of $10.If the packaging has not been executed, nothing will be billed.We reserve the right, at our discretion, to reject packaging orders that cannot be completed due to physical size limits, inadequate documentation, non-compliance with BRaustralia or our terms, or any other applicable cause. We will inform you of the reasons for the cancellation and present options to resolve the situation.We only support the shipping methods indicated using our shipping calculator. Please note that some shipping methods may use dimensional weight when calculating their prices.Dimensional weight is defined as; (L x D x H)/divisor = Dimensional weight. The divisor may vary depending on the type of method used.BRaustralia may provide estimated delivery times as a courtesy. However, these are general estimates based on average durations and not certain. Some shipments may be delivered beyond these estimates.Shipping speed is not guaranteed and there is no compensation for delays or delivery times.

Prohibited Items

By registering for our service, you agree not to use our service to store or send any prohibited items. Prohibited Items include, but are not limited to, the following; Alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, or any illicit, controlled, or accessory substance.

Electronic cigarettes, vaporizers or any related or ancillary parts (including flavored liquids).Drones.Perfumes (except via special services, limited to selected countries - require additional fee).Lithium ion or lithium metal batteries, unless they are installed inside the device or packaged with the device in its original manufacturing package. We will not combine or package devices with batteries that have been shipped and received separately.Enamels, paints, aerosols and other flammable products.Fluid gasoline, matches and combustible substances of any kind.Chemical or corrosive substances of any kind.All powdery substances.Firearms or ballistic ammunition of any kind, including imitations or accessories in general or any weapons related item.Weapons of any kind or any part thereof, including swords, knives, bayonets, etc.Human organs and/or substances, blood and blood parts.Perishable items.plants of all shapes and forms, including seeds.precious stones of any kind, except for jewellery.jewellery and watches of a value exceeding $1000.bank notes, insurance, traveller's cheques, currency, cash or cash equivalents of any kind.material of a pornographic nature, or with intent to spread hateful propaganda.materials of copyright infringement.any other materials that we, in our sole discretion, believe may be potentially dangerous, risky, or illegal.If we receive any prohibited items on your behalf, we will inform you of the situation immediately. You will have a period of five working days to remove the item from our warehouse using our methods, including returning the item to the original point of sale or other address within Australia. In the case of weapons and related items (of any kind), you are only permitted to send the item back to the seller. After the expiry of the five day period, any items will be considered abandoned and we will dispose of them.

Any prohibited items that cannot be shipped within Australia due to transport restrictions or local laws will be disposed of immediately. We are not responsible for material damage caused by disposal.

Import and Export

Before you ship your orders, you must add the descriptions and values to the items, for each item, in your checkout box. You are responsible for making sure these values and descriptions are complete and accurate.

In any case, we will not be liable for delays, damages or penalties caused by incorrect completion of the customs declaration.

Under no circumstances will we be liable to you for payment of taxes, duties, tariffs or any other charges related to the import or export of products. If we are charged for any such fees on your behalf, we will invoice your account for the full amount charged.

In the event that deliveries are returned to us due to problems related to customs declaration or import regulations, taxes or duties, you will be responsible for all return shipping fees. If we are charged for such fees on your behalf, we will apply those fees to your account. You agree that you are solely responsible for the accuracy of customs declarations on your orders, and that you are solely responsible for adherence to all applicable laws of Australia and your local jurisdiction.

Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance, is offered by us to cover delivery problems due to loss or damage caused externally during shipping.

In case of total loss or non-delivery, the postage cost paid by you to us is covered by S shipping, free of charge. Postage costs are refunded only for non-delivery claims, not valid for damage.Insurance is available at a cost of 3 - 10% of the insured value.

If you elect to purchase additional Insurance, shipping insurance, you must declare the total value of your order.The insurance cannot exceed the actual values of the items. Values in your customs declarations are used to determine the insurance amount.Insurance is limited to a total value of $2,500, 00 per order.Some items are not insurable when using postal methods, including, but not limited to, USPS, ESM or Russian Postage. These items include small electronics such as phones, tablets or computers.In the event of lost or misplaced parcels, claims must be submitted to our Insurance department no sooner than 10 calendar days and no later than 45 calendar days from the date we ship.

You will be responsible for submitting any documentation requested by our Insurance department, including, but not limited to, evidence of the value of the affected items.When we receive your claim, we will open an official investigation with the carrier to confirm the loss of your shipment. When we receive official information of your loss, we will issue payment of your claim.If we do not confirm the loss with the carrier, we will request additional documentation to complete your claim.

If following payment of your claim the parcel is delivered, you will be responsible for refunding us the full amount of your claim. We reserve the right to monitor tracking information and bill your BRaustralia account for any item delivered subsequent to the Secure payment.In the event of damage to items in your delivery shipment, or loss of individual items, within a delivery shipment, claims must be submitted to our Secure department within three calendar days of your order's arrival.You will be responsible for providing photographic evidence of the damaged items, and any other documentation we may request to substantiate the claim.In case of loss of individual item within the package, deliveries must be opened in the presence of the delivery agent and an official complaint must be filed with the delivery agent. Evidence of this completion must be provided to enable us to substantiate your claim.

Shipping insurance only covers damage or loss occurring in transit after delivery leaves our warehouse. Damage occurring before shipping, or before we receive the package in our warehouse is not covered.

Insurance, shipping insurance, does NOT cover financial damages arising because of the following circumstances;Delays, losses or non-deliveries due to actions of any governmental authority, including customs and border protection authorities.Damage arising from loss of market value, decline or defects in the product itself.Accidental or cosmetic damage to the packaging of the product when it is itself intact. Claims for refund of postage charges because of late delivery, for whatever reason caused.Loss or damage caused to packaging or items by the loss of another product.The conditions below, if applicable, render Insurance, shipping insurance, void; Any items in the order that were shipped in violation of our terms, including prohibited items or items inaccurately filled in customs declarations. When the loss, damage, missing or non-delivery of the package is due to insufficient documentation concerning the sender.loss, damage, missing or non-delivery of the package due to the package having an insufficient address for delivery.attempted delivery by the carrier.loss, damage, missing or non-delivery due to any fact of war, or fact like war.you initiate a payment dispute or chargeback against previous payments made to us.Claims are paid into your BRaustralia account. You may use them for future transactions with BRaustralia or request a withdrawal through any payment method supported by us. Products returned with a prepaid return label are not subject to insurance. Any claim for a product that has been lost or damaged after the product left the warehouse is the sole responsibility of the customer or the store that supplied the return label.

Mediation Service

You are solely responsible for communicating with sellers of items shipped to our warehouse. However, we do offer a simple mediation service for a fee of $5 per incident. If you choose to use our mediation service, we will communicate with you to establish all details of the enquiry, and then we will contact the seller on your behalf to discuss resolution options.

Our $5 fee covers all communication with you and the seller to resolve a single enquiry. Multiple enquiries, for a single item or seller, will be billed at $5 per enquiry.

Initialisation Test on Electronic Products

We will, upon request, test your electronic devices in our warehouse. The fee for this service is $5 per item.

To perform this test, we may break any retail packaging or factory seals on the box of the item.we will remove the item from the box, plug in a power source and attempt to turn on the electronic. If the item turns on successfully and completely, it will be deemed to have passed the test. If the item does not turn on, it will be deemed to have failed the test.

Once the test has been carried out, we will let you know the results and you can return the item to the seller if you wish.

This is a startup test for your information only. This test does not guarantee or assure present or future performances of the item tested in any period.We cannot perform diagnostic tests other than the Startup Test of the item.

Purchase Advisory Service

When requested, we will purchase items on your behalf to be shipped to our warehouse. The commission for this service is between 10 and 25% of the total price of your order, depending on the place of purchase and the type of plan you are enrolled in. Some shops do not accept orders from our address and in those cases, there is an additional commission fee of $5. Purchase Advisory Orders are limited to a total amount of $2,500, 00.

We will only purchase items that perfectly fit your request. You are responsible for communicating all optional details to us, including sizes, colours, capacities, desired features, etc.

If we cannot determine the correct configuration, we will not complete your purchase until we can confirm these details with you.

Occasionally, the prices of products may change between the time we receive your order and the time we attempt to purchase on your behalf. If the price of the items ordered, at the time we attempt to purchase, is lower than the expected price, your account will be billed the lower price. The remaining funds will return as a credit to your account.

If the price of the items you request, at the time we attempt to purchase, is higher than the expected price, we will not purchase the items without your confirmation. You have the option at the time of placing your order to set an acceptable price fluctuation range. If we get this instruction from you, and the price of the product has increased between the range you specify, we will make the purchase.If you choose to specify a range of acceptable price increase, your account must be adequately funded to cover the entire range. If your account is not sufficiently funded to cover the purchase and all associated fees, if any, we will not make the purchase.

When requested, we will attempt to cancel Purchase Advisory orders that have not been processed by the vendor.If you wish to return a Purchase Advisory item that has arrived in the warehouse, you will be responsible for all return shipping costs not covered by the vendor.

We cannot refuse delivery of any unwanted package, due to the volume of orders received at our warehouse.Any refund made by the seller will be sent to your account the moment it is received by us.

As part of our Purchase Advisory service, we will provide a mediation service between you and the seller on any Purchase Advisory item, free of charge. This mediation will be limited to the purpose of solving some specific problems related to the condition, features, or shipping of the Purchase Advisory items, including; Inquiries regarding the condition of the items at the time of deliveryReturn/ exchange requestsReporting an undelivered itemRequesting a refundPurchase Advisory items are not sold by us to you. Our function is to act as your agent to purchase items, which you specify, on your behalf. Purchase Advisory items are sold to you by the seller of your choice.We do not provide a guarantee, of any kind, for any Purchase Advisory item. Under no circumstances will we be liable for damage prior to arrival of the item in our warehouse, incorrect items, items in which the condition is not as described by the seller, items lost before being delivered to the warehouse, or any other problem related to the condition, features, or shipment to our warehouse of a Purchase Advisory item.You agree that in the event you initiate a payment dispute or chargeback action against payment used for Purchase Advisory purchases, you assign ownership of any such Purchase Advisory items to us, and your account will be subject to restricted access until the issue can be resolved.


We reserve the right to close any account at our discretion.

If we close your account due to fraudulent payment activity, ownership of any items remaining in your Closet will be ceded to the original seller.

If we close your account for any reason other than fraudulent activity, you will retain possession of all items remaining in your Closet, and we will provide means for you to remove the items from our warehouse, by way of shipping, return to seller or other acceptable option, provided your account brings a positive or zero balance.

You can close your account at any time without any penalty, you must have a positive or zero balance to close your account.

Any funds remaining in your account will be refunded to you by an applicable payment method.

By closing your account, you renounce all access to the BRaustralia service, Insurance, shipping insurance, and any and all Services provided by BRaustralia.com.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The web site and all information, content, materials, products (including software) and services included on or otherwise made available to you through the web site are provided by braustralia.com "as is" and "as available", unless otherwise stated. Braustralia.com makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the operation of the Web Site or the information, content, materials, products (including software) or services included on or otherwise available to you through the Web Site, unless otherwise specifically stated. You expressly agree that your use of the web site is at your sole risk. to the fullest extent permissible by applicable law, Braustralia.com disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of non-infringement, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. braustralia.com does not warrant that information, content, materials, products (including software) or services, included on or otherwise available through this site, its servers; or e-mail sent from braustralia.com are free of viruses or other harmful components. braustralia.com will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising out of the use of this Site or any other information, content, materials, products (including software) or services included on or otherwise available to you through the Web Site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damages, unless specifically stated otherwise. The exclusion of certain warranties and the exclusion or limitation of certain liabilities are prohibited by law in some jurisdictions. These limitations may apply to you. If those laws apply to you, some or all of these legal notices, exclusions or limitations may not apply to you, and you must add your rights. The disclaimers and limitation of liability provisions of the warranty survive indefinitely after termination of this agreement.

License & Access

BRaustralia.com grants You a limited license to access and make personal use of the Web Site and not download (beyond the page cache) or modify (excluding your personal information or the music list), any portion of it, except with the express written consent of BRaustralia.com. This license does not include any resale or commercial use of this Web Site or its contents; any collection and use for qualification in commercial listings, descriptions, or pricing; any information derived from the use of this Web Site or its contents; any downloading or copying of information for the benefit of another trade; or any use of data mining, robots, or similar data gathering or extraction tools. You may not frame or use framing techniques to enclose any trademark, logo, or other information owned by us (including images, text, pages, layout, or forms) of BRaustralia.com or other affiliate without express written consent. You may not use any meta tags or any other hidden text utilizing the BRaustralia.com name or trademarks without the express written permission granted by BRaustralia.com. Any unauthorized use terminates the permission or license granted by BRaustralia.com. You are granted a limited, revocable, and non-exclusive right to create a hyperlink to BRaustralia.com pages so long as the link does not portray BRaustralia.com, its products, or services in a false, misleading, derogatory, or otherwise offensive matter.


All text, graphics, user interface, visual interfaces, photographs, trademarks, logos, sounds, music, artwork, computer code (collectively, "Content"), including, but not limited to, the design, structure, selection, coordination, expression, "look and feel" and arrangement of such Content, contained on the Site owned, controlled or licensed by or to BRaustralia.com, and are protected by trade dress, copyright, patent and trademark laws, and various other intellectual property rights and unfair competition laws.

Except as expressly provided in these Terms of Use, no part of the Site and no Content may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, publicly displayed, encoded, translated, transmitted or distributed in any form (including 'mirroring') to any other computer, server, web site or other medium for publication or distribution or for any commercial enterprise, without the express prior written consent of BRaustralia.com.

Terms of Service and Additional Information

- Our services consist of receiving parcels and correspondence, sorting, packing and sending them to our clients when requested.

- BRaustralia provides each customer with an address in Australia, which includes a unique Suite number.

- Your BRaustralia address is for the purpose of shipping mail and packages only. You are not allowed to use your BRaustralia address for any other purpose, such as, creating bank accounts or credit card accounts, creating websites or registering internet domains, etc.

- BRaustralia is not a carrier. We do not control, nor assume any responsibility for, the shipping and transportation of the items and any taxes levied in the destination country. We also do not guarantee the identity of any member, nor do we guarantee that a recipient will accept the shipment. All Carrier Terms and Conditions apply to customer packages shipped by us.

- It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that a product can be shipped. The customer must ensure that the contents, size, weight, volume, destination and/or recipient of a package are not subject to prohibitions or restrictions of the country of origin or destination country. BRaustralia does not guarantee delivery of packages that do not comply with the import regulations of the destination country or export regulations of Australia.

- The customer is solely responsible for declaring the contents of each box and the respective values (customs declaration). As governed by the legislation of the destination country.

- BRaustralia is not responsible for packages that exceed the size, weight, or volume allowed by the carrier. It is your responsibility to ensure that the package we are shipping to you is within the size, weight, and volume restrictions or prohibitions that apply in the country of origin or destination.

- Customers must ensure that the name, suite number and address are correct on each package sent to BRaustralia.

- BRaustralia includes 1 photo for each order received, a photo of the box received and the item inside. This service is free of charge.

- BRaustralia removes free of charge advertising, inserts, invoices, etc. that come inside the boxes received. This service is free and you must request it when you assemble your box for shipment.

- The client has 30 days of free storage from the last item registered in his suite. The storage period is 30 calendar days, always counted from the last item registered in your suite.

Example: The customer has in his suite an item registered for 30 days, he makes a new purchase. As soon as the new item is registered in your suite, the storage period is renewed and you have 30 more days of free storage. After the free period expires, you will be charged a penalty of $1 per day, for a maximum of 30 days.

It is the customer's responsibility to pay attention to the storage period of their products. If the customer does not contact us to pay the fine within 30 days after expiration, the items will go to auction without notice to cover storage expenses and operating costs. The maximum renewal period for each item is 180 days (6 months). After 180 days of renewal of the same item, you will begin to be charged a $1 fine for each extra day.

- By creating your account on our website you authorize BRaustralia, directly or through third parties, to ask any questions we deem necessary to validate your identity.

- Your account may be blocked if you are asked for proof of ownership and this is not proven by you. If your account is blocked for attempted fraud, all orders that you have in BRaustralia will be returned to the shops and/or discarded.

- The client is directly responsible for the payment of all taxes and duties that may be charged in the country of destination.

- If you choose to pay for insurance on your shipment, the insurance we pay for only covers the product going to the recipient. If you do not make payment for a taxed package it is not insured to return to us, so always make payment for your taxed orders. If the taxation was above the normal, appeal for adjustment of the value. The insurance offered by the carrier does not cover orders not withdrawn. The insurance, when paid, is valid only for cases of theft, loss, assault, among other cases of loss of the package by the post office. The insurance does not cover delays in the delivery of packages.

- Taxed and unsought orders returned to us may be reshipped subject to payment of new freight and service charges.

- The customer is responsible for determining and following the shipping rules, including all customs requirements of the destination country.

- The customer is responsible for completing the customs declaration within their BRaustralia account, i.e. the customer is responsible for the accuracy of the customs declaration information, documentation and all customs duties in the destination country.

- You are contracting BRaustralia only to receive your boxes in Australia and ship them to you. BRaustralia's liability is limited to the amount of the handling charges (excluding shipping costs).

- The customer shall indemnify and hold BRaustralia harmless from any and all claims, including legal costs in the defense against claims by third parties, due to their having used the BRaustralia service in any irregular manner.

- BRaustralia will not be responsible for any damage, whether due to its error or omission in providing false or incorrect information, or for not providing all the necessary information. BRaustralia is not responsible for incorrect and/or incomplete addresses supplied by the customer. The filling out of the shipping address is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the customer, our system prints the labels according to what was filled out by the customer.

Reviews & Testimonials

Munsy ManMunsy Man
23:50 31 Oct 22
Pricey rates BUT worth every penny. Excellent customer service and fast shipping! International priority express (EMS) from Australia to Seattle, WA only took a week. Would definitely use this. ... redirect service again. Don't hesitate to hit them up if you need help shipping items from Australia to the rest of the world. Thank you so much!!!read more
00:16 31 Oct 22
What a great experience. Everything went so smoothly, from providing the mailing address to the shipping process. Thank you!
Tyler StokesTyler Stokes
00:51 31 Aug 22
Very easy way to access the Australian market and purchase products from vendors who do not ship abroad. The sign up is free, the warehousing, consolidation and shipping communications are quick and.. . easy. Buy in Australia and receive your purchase in your mailbox in no time. Highly recommended.read more
Lukas TrombachLukas Trombach
08:06 27 Aug 22
I had a great experience using Braustralia. I bought a phone and a pair of earbuds from Australia and needed to ship them to New Zealand. They sent me photos of the received items and processed. ... everything very quickly. I will definitely use Braustralia again next time I want to buy something in Australia!read more
Christian WalkerChristian Walker
05:32 20 Aug 22
First time ordering from Australia, wasn't sure what to expect. Everything was super smooth, straight forward and fast! Thanks so much, will definitely use again!
Nina FoxNina Fox
05:31 19 Aug 22
So easy to use and fast delivery with updates the whole way
Marvin HymansonMarvin Hymanson
12:30 15 Aug 22
Prompt service came weeks before expected. Worth paying the extra for the tracking.
Virginie MartinetVirginie Martinet
05:20 01 Jul 22
Perfect. Thank's a lot for all! After only1week my order has arrived in Switzerland! It's crazy!
Ranieri Von DentzschRanieri Von Dentzsch
12:22 22 Jun 22
It worked 100%, everything as expected!
Abirat SapkotaAbirat Sapkota
06:13 02 Jun 22
Thanks for helping me BRaustralia.
Jerome EsguebaJerome Esgueba
17:08 25 Mar 22
First time using BRaustralia, and it was amazing ! Great service from star to finish !I received my package in france under two weeks.
Peter MillerPeter Miller
09:22 12 Feb 22
Very fast, very helpful, good communication. Very easy to handle


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