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You want to shop in Australia, but the online shop doesn’t deliver to your country? No problem…

Sign up for FREE shipping address in Australia and save time and money by sending parcels to your country easily!


REGISTER FOR FREE to receive an exclusive shipping address for your Australian purchases, in just a few clicks

BUY FROM ABROAD and send the items to your BRaustralia address or request assisted purchase

WE WILL STORE YOUR PRODUCTS safely to our warehouse in Australia

REQUEST SHIPPING, make payment via paypal to receive all purchases in your home!

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Reviews & Testimonials

Munsy ManMunsy Man
23:50 31 Oct 22
Pricey rates BUT worth every penny. Excellent customer service and fast shipping! International priority express (EMS) from Australia to Seattle, WA only took a week. Would definitely use this... redirect service again. Don't hesitate to hit them up if you need help shipping items from Australia to the rest of the world. Thank you so much!!!read more
00:16 31 Oct 22
What a great experience. Everything went so smoothly, from providing the mailing address to the shipping process. Thank you!
Tyler StokesTyler Stokes
00:51 31 Aug 22
Very easy way to access the Australian market and purchase products from vendors who do not ship abroad. The sign up is free, the warehousing, consolidation and shipping communications are quick and... easy. Buy in Australia and receive your purchase in your mailbox in no time. Highly more
Lukas TrombachLukas Trombach
08:06 27 Aug 22
I had a great experience using Braustralia. I bought a phone and a pair of earbuds from Australia and needed to ship them to New Zealand. They sent me photos of the received items and processed... everything very quickly. Will definitely use Braustralia again next time I want to buy something in Australia!read more
Christian WalkerChristian Walker
05:32 20 Aug 22
First time ordering from Australia, wasn't sure what to expect. Everything was super smooth, straight forward and fast!! Thanks so much, will definitely use again!
Nina FoxNina Fox
05:31 19 Aug 22
So easy to use and fast delivery with updates the whole way
Marvin HymansonMarvin Hymanson
12:30 15 Aug 22
Prompt service came weeks before expected. Worth paying the extra for the tracking.
Virginie MartinetVirginie Martinet
05:20 01 Jul 22
Perfect. Thank’s a lot for all! After only1week my order has arrived in Switzerland! It's crazy!
Ranieri Von DentzschRanieri Von Dentzsch
12:22 22 Jun 22
It worked 100%, everything as expected!
Abirat SapkotaAbirat Sapkota
06:13 02 Jun 22
Thanks for helping me BRaustralia.
Jerome EsguebaJerome Esgueba
17:08 25 Mar 22
First time using BRaustralia, and it was amazing ! Great service from star to finish !I received my package in france under two weeks.
Peter MillerPeter Miller
09:22 12 Feb 22
Very fast, very helpful, good communication. Very easy to handle

Get Address for Shipping Purchases in Australia

ADDRESS: ░░░░░ ░░░░░░░ STATE: ░░░░ POSTCODE: ░░░░ COUNTRY: ░░░░░░░

Advantages of using BRaustralia

EASY TO USE: Super intuitive platform

100% SECURE: Monitor your Purchases 24h

ECONOMIC: Up to 80% Off Freight

Low Taxes, Great Variety of Brands and Products and Great Value for Money make Australia a true shopping paradise

Our warehousing, consolidation and space optimisation processes will reduce the cost of shipping your orders by up to 80%.

Our warehouse is located just 10 mins from one of Australia’s financial centres and less than 30 mins from Melbourne International Airport

We offer 100% secure storage for your purchases, plus tracking number and notifications for tracking your orders

Up to 180 days of free storage for Premium customers and delivery within 48 hours after payment of freight

Don’t know how to buy abroad? Don’t worry. We can do the whole process of buying and shipping for you!

Receive alerts through SMS and e-mail to monitor the step by step of your purchase, from origin to final destination

Choose the international shipping modalities and transport option that best suits your needs and budget

Get all your questions answered about Order Forwarding and International Purchasing with our team of experts

Planos & Upgrades

Não importa se você é um comprador ocasional ou um “shopoholic“,

Braustralia possui planos que se adaptam perfeitamente ao seu padrão de compras!



• Endereço para Envio de Compras no Exterior

• Recebimento de Encomendas GRÁTIS

• Até 30 dias de Armazenamento GRÁTIS

• Consolidação de Pacotes GRÁTIS

• Retirada de Foto da Embalagem

• Serviço de Compra Assistida Opcional

• Rastreamento de Encomenda Opcional

• Assinatura no momento da entrega Opcional

Frequent Shopper


USD$ 9,90



• 5% de DESCONTO no Valor do Frete

• Taxa de Serviço Braustralia GRÁTIS

Endereço para Envio de Compras no Exterior

• Recebimento de Encomendas GRÁTIS

• Até 90 dias de Armazenamento GRÁTIS

• Consolidação de Pacotes GRÁTIS

• Rastreamento de Encomenda GRÁTIS

• Assinatura no momento da entrega Opcional

• Retirada de Foto da Embalagem e Produtos

• Dicas e Descontos Exclusivos

Frequent Shopper


USD$ 29,90



• 15% de DESCONTO no Valor do Frete

• Taxa de Serviço Braustralia GRÁTIS

• Endereço para Envio de Compras no Exterior

• Recebimento de Encomendas GRÁTIS

• Até 180 dias de Armazenamento GRÁTIS

• Consolidação de Pacotes GRÁTIS

• Rastreamento de Encomenda GRÁTIS

• Personal Shopping Specialist GRÁTIS

• Assinatura no momento da entrega GRÁTIS

• DESCONTO na Compra Assistida

• Dicas e Descontos Exclusivos

• Retirada de Foto da Embalagem e Produtos

• Video Teste (Opcional)

• Dicas e Descontos Exclusivos


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Que serviço BRaustralia oferece / Como o Serviço funciona?

BRaustralia (Buy and Reship from Australia) is a company specialising in Assistance for Online Shopping Abroad and in Receiving, Storing and Sending Parcels.

Our parcel forwarding service works as follows: 

  1. REGISTER FOR FREE to receive an exclusive address for shipping purchases to Australia in just a few clicks
  2. MAKE AN OVERSEAS PURCHASE (or Request Assisted Purchase) and send the items to our BRaustralia Overseas Address
  3. WE WILL STORE YOUR PRODUCTS safely to our warehouse in Australia
  4. REQUEST SHIPPING, make the payment and we will send the online purchases to your home, with up to 80% discount on Shipping!

For more information and a Step-by-Step on how our service works visit: STEP-BY-STEP

Como faço para me cadastrar?

REGISTER FOR FREE to receive your shopping address as if you lived here in Australia and we will take care of all the process of redirecting your Order to your country

Como faço para efetuar compras no Exterior?

To make your purchases, please make sure your credit card is enabled for international use. You also have the option of using PayPal. After payment simply use your BRaustralia address as the shipping destination for your orders.

Como saber se vocês receberam minhas encomendas?

The online shop where you purchased should send you proof of delivery as well as a tracking number. You can track and know when we receive your order.

Don’t worry, as soon as we receive your order in our warehouse we will let you know. After receiving each purchase we will send sms and email informing you of the receipt, as well as weight, photo(s) enter other items contained or added to your BRaustralia suite.

Como pagar frete para envio da minha encomenda?

After orders are received will be available to the customer in your stock to make the shipment, the amount of freight with our service fee is available to the customer directly in the shipping procedure on the site. This amount can be paid online via PayPal. After payment, your order will be shipped within 48 hours.

BRaustralia Redirecionamento de Encomendas é Seguro?

Order Forwarding is completely secure, we have been offering our services for over 5 years and have helped thousands of customers to send parcels to dozens of countries around the world.

BRaustralia is an Australian ABN (Australian Business Number) 71 141 456 281 trade name O&P Design

Quanto tempo demora para receber minhas encomendas

The average estimated delivery time varies from 05 to 35 business days, depending on the type of shipping you choose. However, it is worth mentioning that the shipping time may vary depending on several factors, such as the shipping method, customs processing time, and also the deadlines of each Post Office in each state of your country.

Quanto custa para enviar encomendas para o meu país?

With values starting at $12, the ECONOMY Post option is the cheapest way to send your purchases from Australia to your country.

To SIMULATE VALUE for shipping from Australia visit our website

You can also calculate the price of Freight, Assisted Purchase and Additional Services.

Vocês oferecem armazenamento gratuito?

BRaustralia offers free storage for all our customers for:

– Up to 30 days free storage for FREE customers.

– Up to 90 days of free storage for PLUS customers.

– Up to 180 days of free storage for PREMIUM customers.

Qual o limite de peso e tamanho para envio?

Maximum weight allowed is 20kg

Maximum permitted volume less than 197cm

Calculating as follows – (1 x longest side) + (2 x shortest side 1) + (2 x shortest side 2), and the longest side can not exceed the measure of (104 cm). Any questions send email to

Como faço para solicitar orçamento para Compras no Exterior? 

Visit SIMULATE VALUE on our website. You will be able to calculate the price of Shipping, Assisted Purchase and Additional Services.

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