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Conheça 20 ditados populares que te farão sentir um “true blue aussie” |

Conheça os 20 melhores ditados populares australiano e o que eles de fato significam. Confira!

1. Fair dinkum
True, Genuine

2. Bloody oath!
That’s certainly true

3. His blood’s worth bottling
He’s an excellent, helpful bloke

4. Dry as a Dead dingo’s donger
Thirsty, Really dry

5. A few Kangaroos loose  in the top paddock
Intellectually inadequate, Simple person

6. Piece of piss
Easy task

7. Give it a burl
Try it, have a go

8. Pig’s arse!
I don’t agree

9. Ridgy-didge
Original, genuine

10. Carrying on like a pork chop
Acting silly

11. She’ll be apples
It’ll be alright

12. Sparrows fart

13. Fair suck of the sav!

14. Buckley’s chance
Very little possibility of obtaining what you want.

15. Chop chop
To hurry up or get a move on.

16. About as useful, as tits on a bull

17. Flat out like a lizard drinking
Busy at work

18. Better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick
Be thankful with what you have got.

19. As dry as a pommie’s bathmat
Need a drink

20. Full as a fat ladies sock
Couldn’t eat any more food

Para não deixar dúvidas sobre o alto nível do seu aussie slang recomendamos terminar toda frase como um sonoro “mate!”